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Hi.  My name is Ann.

In 2006 I walked on my own over 1600 miles (2800 kms) across 3 countries and 2 mountain ranges from Santiago de Compostela in Spain to Rome.

I created this website to publisize my journey because I wanted to raise money for two very deserving charities that help homeless people.  The site contains a dairy of and pictures from that first walk.

In 2008, I decided to embark on another long journey.  This time from   London to Canterbury, on to Rome and finally to Assisi.

Starting in late May I had anticipate arriving in Assisi about mid-September.  This I did!  Like last time, I kept a diary which you can read on this site.

Now in 2009 I am doing several short walks and will update this site with them.

And 2010?  Well suffice to say I am planning another long walk for 2010.

You can still donate to the charities I supported in 2006 and

Help my journey make a difference